There are numerous aspects for a potential property buyer to consider before completing a purchase. One of which is a total understanding of what is being purchased. This can be easily carried out if the property has been already constructed. However, it isn’t as easy when dealing with a condo still in construction. Nevertheless, in such situations, a floor plan is of immense help.

The symbols one encounters when going through a floor plan can make the task quite daunting. A lot of home buyers can identify only the bathrooms and bedrooms when ready so floor plan. But with basic knowledge, a greater scope about the condo they are about to buy can be known from the floor plan.


One of the best ways to easily understand a floor plan is to search for the main door of the property first. This allows you to better visualize the layout of the entire unit. So how is the main door found? This is very easy to decipher once you are aware that doors are symbolized using a quarter circle. Understanding how to locate doors isn’t just to know where the main door is, it allows you to know if any of the rooms are linked to one another. If for example, you require an en suite bedroom then you’d need to know if the bathroom opens up to the master bedroom.

Another important aspect of doors in a floor plan to consider is the arc symbol. The arc symbol will show to you the swinging direction of the door whether outwards or inwards. This is vital knowledge because the direction of the swing will be left empty to allow for the proper opening of the door.


A lot of potential homebuyers require a house with sufficient ventilation and sunlight which is why being able to identify the location of windows is a necessity. There are usually two types of windows in most homes: sliding windows and casement windows. Sliding windows are symbolized in floor plans with thin hallow lines by walls. While casement windows are quite identical to doors but appear in pairs most times.


Recently a lot of homeowners prefer to remove walls in order to create open concept homes. This makes intending purchasers of a home want to know the walls that can be removed safely. Structural walls, for example, hold up the weight of the whole building and cannot be taken out. Non-structural walls, on the other hand, exist to divide rooms from each other and can be taken out without hampering on the buildings structural integrity.

The question now is, in a floor plan how is each wall type identified? This is very easy. These bold lines are used to indicated structural walls and thin lines are used to visualize non-structural walls. Generally, the walls that surround the whole unit are most definitely structural with the rest being non-structural. An exception to this would be the structural walls in HBD flats that constitute the bomb shelter.

Floor Layout

Knowing how the various unit areas are laid out is very important for property purchasers. Looking at the floor plan you can visualize yourself in the building, going through the house and see yourself in the different rooms. This helps you know if the home is your fit or not. Recently, condos have been constructed with the main entrance leading into the kitchen. This is loved by many due to ease of access when coming in from grocery shopping. However, for individuals who have a lot of guests consistently would prefer having the main entrance lead to the living room.

You would also want to note how every room and aspect of the home are connected. A family with toddlers, for example, would want the master’s bedroom to be close to the toddler’s room. Another important feature to consider is the corridors, you can know whether it’s long or short and can make your choice depending on whether the connected room of the corridor is accessible to visitors or not.


You can easily know the size of the unit by looking at a floor plan. Floor plans usually come with numbers by its side which shows the real dimensions of the unit in millimeters. This is very useful information as it lets you know the size of each room. It is also extremely helpful during renovations.


The floor plan spells out to you the shape of the rooms in a unit. Most people prefer boxy shapes as odd corners make it hard for furniture to be placed in them, causing the odd space to remain unusable.

Private Enclosed Space

For romantic couples who love dining out under the heavens with their special other, having a private outdoor space is an extreme necessity. However, for a family requiring more bedroom space, a personal enclosed space might be usable space. Hence, knowing the type of PES or absence of it is necessary.

Maids Room

A lot of condos have been recently built to cater to the rising number of maids. Families that use the services of a maid would most times require a maid room and can use the floor plan to check if it’s available.


Built in cupboards are very important to potential buyers because it can save the homeowner a lot of money in renovation. You can easily identify if a room has a built-in cupboard using a floor plan. However, HDB flats are not constructed with built-in cupboards.

In conclusion, having a basic knowledge of a floor plan is of extreme benefit to any homebuyer as it provides quality visual and important information allowing for well-informed decisions in purchasing.